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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 28, 2012 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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jimmy kimmel is next. and we will see you back here tomorrow. good night. up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> 28 years ago today, khloe was born to chris and chewbacca kardashian. >> matt wileblanc. >> true or false. you hate the theme song to "friends." >> it's all right. >> selma blair. and music from linkin park. >> time to sit back and unwind every moment, front and max, chilling in the car you spent all day
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- matt leblanc. selma blair. and music from linkin park. with cleto and the cletones. and now, like last time, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. well, that's -- thank you, cleto. hi there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show.
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thank you for watching. thank you for being here tonight. thank you for always being here for me. let me tell you, i'll never forget it. are you enjoying your summertime so far? [ cheers and applause ] didn't mean to start with such a difficult question. i love summertime. it's time to sit back and unwind. every moment fronting and maxing. chilling in the car you spent all day waxing, you know what i'm saying? [ laughter ] our president, as you may know, has been spending his summer asking for money. that's what you have to do if you want to get elected, i guess. he's had some trouble with sports-related topics this week. on monday night in boston, he made a joke that had red sox fans in the crowd booing him at his own fund-raiser and then last night at a fund-raiser in miami beach, he mispronounced the name of their nba team. >> finally, it would be incomplete if i did not congratulate the city of miami
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for having the world champion miami heat here in town. >> jimmy: it's funny when it isn't you, right? the miami heat. you know that half white side of him definitely pokes through every once in awhile. it's surprising that obama would make a mistake like that, considering what a big basketball fan he is, but it isn't the first time. i happened upon one of his campaign ads today online and all of a sudden this heat thing makes a lot more sense. >> it's a pivotal time in our nation's histories. our futures, health cares and the well faefares of our childr are at risks. we needs a president, who puts his politics aside for the goods of americas. votes s obamas. y yeses he cans.
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>> i'm barack obama and i approves this messages. >> jimmy: this is kind of interesting. the national geographic channel is sending people's tweets into space. in 1977, an astronomer working at ohio state university intercepted a transmission, radio transmission that's now called the wow signal. it was a mysterious signal from space that was so strong, the guy who recorded it wrote "wow" on his data sheet. some believe it was aliens. look at that again. it looks more like my receipt from costco. [ laughter ] the message came in 1977 and we are now just getting around to responding to it. we're very busy here on earth opening cupcake shops, so -- [ laughter ] a show called "chasing ufos" is collecting tweets and they plan to beam them back in the direction the signal originally came from. this is a good strategy to keep
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the aliens from invading us. after reading a few thousand tweets about justin bieber, they probably won't ever want to come here. [ laughter ] do we really want aliens reading our tweets? can't we send them the first season of "frazier" on dvd or something? along with the tweets, they are sending video of miss universe 2011. this is a video lela lopes recorded. she recorded a message explaining to the universe what the miss universe pageant is. >> hello, space creatures. i'm miss universe 2011. here on earth, we have a beauty pageant called miss universe, that is watched by 1 billion people. this year, i represented my country of angolaen and i beat other countries. being miss universe means that i am the most beautiful girl in the universe that we know of. >> jimmy: i like that, by the way. i like that they had her speak english.
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the woman is from angola. are we assuming that the aliens only understand english? and they are going to have a hard enough time translafting without having to go, miss univar? what the hell is a univar? national geographic was very different when i was a young pervert. [ laughter ] going through the magazine to find the topless pygmy women in the back. never would i imagine one day they'd beam tweets into space. [ applause ] it is exciting. this is probably one of those moments that we will look back on and remember exactly where we were. right? >> god speed, john glenn. >> houston, the eagle has landed. >> that's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> hot hot polka dots!
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: we should be very proud. by the way, i would like to wish a happy birthday to khloe kardashian odom. 28-year-olds ago, she was born to proud mom and dad kris and chewbacca kardashian. what do you get for the girl who inexplicably has everything, you know? khloe shares a birthday with j.j. abrams, toe by mcguire, ross perot and helen keller. it just goes to show you, horoscopes are crap. here's weird news. rabbi -- you may have seen this guy on tv, desperately clutching at the coat tails of celebrities. he's running for congress in the ninth district of new jersey and to help him, he's enlisted the assistance of jon gosselin. so, finally, some integrity comes to politics.
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for those that don't remember jon, he was one of the stars of the reality show "hoarders." he and his wife collected a bunch of kids. the rabbi invited jon to speak at a press conference today in support of his one of platforms, i guess, tax deductible marriage counseling and also to promote his new line of ed hardy yarmulkes. there they are together. if an endorsement from jon gosselin helps to sway your vote any way, please don't vote. pretty sure the guy is living on a jet ski now. the first semifinal match in the euro cup was played between spain and portugal. the score was zero. both teams had zero at the end. spain won in a shootout. we're really seeing the best players on the best teams. tonight, we would like to share one of thee best plays. this is hand-selected by me, by the way. this is the euro cup play of the
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day. >> jimmy: there's some -- some controversy right now surrounding oreo cookies. on monday night,oreo poste pict. it was posted in support of gay pride. the rainbow theme was generally well received. got hundreds of thousands of likes on facebook. some people were very angry. which i don't know, whether you support same sex marriage or not, we can all agree, we need an oreo with that much frosting it in immediately. [ applause ] thank you. right guillermo? >> right, jimmy. >> jimmy: one -- what do they
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call oreos in mexico? really? why do you think you're lying? >> no! >> jimmy: all right. one angry commenter wrote, being gay is an abomination in god's eyes. i won't by buying oreos anymore. that's what i say when i get up in the middle of the night and eat 12 of them. my favorite comment was from brent johnson who said, removing oreo from my page now. he's so up,se set, he is removi oreo from his facebook page. when you announce you are unfriending a cookie -- [ laughter ] you might have bigger problems to look into. so, now -- [ cheers and applause ] people are -- some people are boycotting kraft. kraft released a statement, saying, we have a proud history of supporting diversity and inclusiveness. even hostess is supporting kraft. i'm not sure what kind of
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statement they are trying to make with this, but i'll tell you something. it's the thought that counts. [ laughter ] that's what i had for breakfast in the morning, by the way. [ applause ] this is a video that's very big on youtube right now. a guy by the name of steve and his daughter grace, they were on vacation in pigeon forest, tennessee. there's a ride called the screaming swing. one of those swings and his daughter wanted to go on it, she couldn't unless she had an adult. her dad, who doesn't normally like this sort of thing, sucked it up, went on the ride with her and fortunately for all of us, they videotaped the whole thing. >> hold on, dad. [ screaming ] >> oh, [ bleep ]!
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[ screaming ] >> oh my god! oh! [ screaming ] [ screaming ] >> jimmy: i give up. i enjoyed that video so much, i wanted to meet the man behind all the shrieking, so, now we have steve and his daughter grace live via skype. hall local steell hello. thank you for joining us.
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steve, what is that on your shirt? >> ah, that's a 3d pig. >> jimmy: it's very flattering. [ laughter ] now, steve, it -- you are not a big fan of rides in general, i'm guessing, right? >> ah, no, not a big fan of height and motion's not too far behind it. >> jimmy: i feel the same thing. grace, had you been on scary rides before this one? >> yes. >> jimmy: you love it, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: okay, so -- [ laughter ] steve, where was your wife? why did you have to take grace on the ride, knowing that you don't like this stuff? >> it was kind of an accident. the ride was not at an amusement park, it was on the strip and we stumbled upon it and i was with another friend and his daughter and they were riding it and she wanted to ride it, as well. >> jimmy: oh. >> she wasn't tall enough to ride it by herself, she needed an adult to go with her. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. that's a difficult situation to be in. grace, had you ever heard your dad scream like that before? >> no, i never have.
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[ laughter ] >> jimmy: so, the best part -- the video we saw, that was the first time around. steve actually some how wound up going up twice. here's the video. starting again. not much better the second time around. [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it looks like a baby, like an actual baby. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: the big question i want to ask is -- [ applause ]
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how did this video end up on youtube? >> well -- we were able to buy the video from the ride for $15 and we were saying with another couple, there were ten of us total. we watched the dvd every night when we came back to the condo. on the fourth night, it ended up messing and we assumed that the maid threw it away or we accidentally threw it away. my friend that was with me, brian winkler, stole it and put it on youtube. >> jimmy: oh. is brian still alive? >> brian's in the same room with me right now, actually. >> jimmy: oh, he is. have strangers been making fun of you? >> ah, yeah, quite a few, actually. we found out, when it was posted, i was walking down the street to a neighbor's house and an 8-year-old and the other one, 6-year-old brother was on their briks and the 8-year-old goes, hey, big scaredy cat. i said, what did you say?
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his little brother goes, yeah, we just saw you on youtube. i found out then it was posted. >> jimmy: grace, what did you get your father for father's day? >> um -- i got -- we got him a card and we got him a couple shirts from yellowstone. >> jimmy: yeah. you are going to have to do better than that next year. [ laughter ] well, that's a good dad you have there. thank you for talking to us, guys. that's steve and grace, everybody. [ applause ] and one more thing. the fourth of july is a week away and that means fireworks. as all good americans know, burning and exploding things is the finest way to express your national pride. but they can be dangerous. and that's why we've enlisted the help of one of hip hop's most prominent pyrotechnicians to help us out. here's waka flaka flame.
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>> every year, every fourth of july, we do roman candle fights. i'm going to tell you about this fight. first, you get your t-shirt. you wrap it around europe head, you put the shirt on, the part where your neck go, right between your eyes like a ninja. then, you right the roman candle. one year, i ain't do it, i don't want to get the blame of this. a friend of mine hit somebody in the face and put they t-shirt on fire. that's like ghost face. the funniest year i ever had with roman candles. so, remember, kids, be safe, and light that [ bleep ] up! ♪ >> jimmy: hey, tonight on the show, selma blair is here. we have music from linkin park. and we'll be right back with matt wileblanc, so stick around. ♪[linkin park "burn it down"]
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♪[rock] ♪
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program, you can see her starring with charlie sheen in the new show "anger management," it premieres tomorrow night on fx. selma blair is here. and then, with this brand new album, it's called "living things." the first of two nights with lyinkin park, from the bud ligh outdoor stage. tomorrow night, howie man dell will be here, from the miami heat, chris bosh will join us. and once again, linkin park. we're going to have a sleepover tonight. we're going to hang out, roast things. our first guest tonight became a household name playing joey tribbiani on "friends." but his first-ever golden globe came for his role as matt leblanc on the very funny show "episodes." season two premieres a week from sunday on showtime. please welcome matt leblanc.
12:22 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's a good thing you didn't wear a dark blue tie or it would have -- >> i didn't go for the tie. >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> doing good. >> jimmy: congratulations on the golden globe you won for playing yourself. but not really yourself. >> thank you. i just -- i was listening to your monologue backstage and i used to read "national geographic," too. >> jimmy: yeah, right? we had to make do back then. kids don't understand. we had to walk miles in the snow to get pornography back then. >> yep. >> jimmy: well -- this show, first of all, is very funny. >> well, thank you. >> jimmy: really, really funny. and you do a great job on it. you play kind of a jerky version of yourself, would you agree with that? [ laughter ]
12:23 am
maybe -- >> i don't know. >> jimmy: maybe dead on. i don't know you that well. >> the best way to describe it is, the public's perception of a celebrity. >> jimmy: got it. >> so we inflate certain things, no pun intended. >> jimmy: yeah. you've been cast on the show and, with these english producers and, who, of course, knew you from "friends" and that was the big deal. >> right, right. it's basically a show about making a show. you have shows like "the office" that are big hits in the uk, and the american networks bring them here and remake them here and they are successful here. well, this is about that whole process and, this network, they screw the whole thing up and one by one, step by step, just take away everything that is good about the show, including the brilliant lead actor they have, who is this older distinguished headmaster of a boy's school and replace him with me. [ laughter ] so it becomes about a coach of a hockey team and called "puck." >> jimmy: yeah.
12:24 am
and you won a golden globe for it, which, i wonder if anyone's ever won a golden globe for playing themselves. probably not. were you surprised that you won? >> yeah, i -- you know, it was hugely honored, obviously, but you know, we did seven episodes our first season and it hadn't been on in over a year, i was just happy, because it was open bar. i thought, go to the party. what the heck? and i thought, you know, it was going to be alec baldwin, then he wasn't there and i'm sitting at the table with david duchovny, he's up for one, too, that's always awkward. you got to sit at the same table. come on. can't be my table or your table? have to share. >> jimmy: yeah, right, you don't want to do that, no. >> and then, like, the p.a. from one of the guys on the crew came over, he said, just before the category, safes, okay, listen, if you win, go this way and come out from backstage, don't go that way, it's too long, go this
12:25 am
way and i was like -- wow, maybe he knows something i don't know. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i thought, well, that's a good sign. and he goes around, he says the same thing to duchovny. i was like -- that doesn't mean anything. >> jimmy: probably just trying to make him feel better, right? when did you know that "friends" was a big deal? like, a big deal? >> um -- i guess it was probably that first -- the first summer that we went on hiatus and it was that summer, it was in reruns that it went into the top five, i guess, and then it stayed there forever. >> jimmy: really? >> some strange things happened. i remember one time i was in -- i was going to work on the show and i was in bumper to bumper traffic on the 101 and kind of had the windows dark in my car and i'm looking over and traffic is just stopped and there's this really cute girl next to me and she's rocking out, listening to something on the radio. i turn my radio down, i put the
12:26 am
window down, she's listening to the "friends" theme song. it was on the radio all the time. >> jimmy: it was. >> and i go, that's pretty funny. she looks over and she sees me, takes her foot off the brake and smashes into the car in front of her and i was like, ooh. >> jimmy: you didn't stop and assist? >> no, i felt awful. and then althounother weird thit was a hiatus week, i was watching tv, the news was on in the middle of the day and they had this, this -- the screen was cut into six portions and each shot was a live shot of each of our houses from a helicopter and i was like, what the hell is the point of that? i'm looking, i look closer, i go -- my roof looks like [ bleep ]. so, the helicopter leaves, i get out the ladder, i needed a new roof. so, i was going through the yellow pages, i guess i can thank the news. >> jimmy: that's a security
12:27 am
system. [ applause ] true or false, you hate the theme song to "friends." [ laughter ] >> ah -- it's all right. [ laughter ] it's all right. does it sound like money to you? >> a little bit. kind of the same. >> jimmy: this is a weird thing. you shoot the show in england but it is set in hollywood. >> yeah, it's very difficult to shoot london for l.a. nothing is the same. >> jimmy: do you like living over there? >> yeah, it's kind of fun. you know, it's like europe, but in english. >> jimmy: just like it. [ laughter ] and, oh, i imagine "friends" is worldwide, but people are recognizing you from this show? >> you know, instead of hey, joey, it's hey, matt leblanc. >> jimmy: it could be worse, i guess. do you find when you are over there you start picking up the
12:28 am
accent? i have a friend over there that says herbs instead of herbs. >> they say coriander instead of cilantro, did you know that? >> jimmy: at least it's a different word. aluminum instead of aluminum. >>that's ridiculous. the guy on the show, steve, who plays one of the writers on the show, you know, we -- we get into it sometimes about the difference in the language. and he always, the trump card, he says, what is the language called. english. where was it invented? here. so shut up. so he gets me every time. >> jimmy: i guess so. up with something for you to -- oh, just mention july 4th and then run away. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: when we come back, we're going to show a clip from the show. it's a very funny show, it's
12:29 am
called "episodes." we'll be right back with matt leblanc. graduated high school today. my crowning achievement thus far. mom took a bunch of amazing pictures. but she can't share them. it's her data plan. she's stressing about overages because she already downloaded a fifteen megabyte cat video.
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you actually think you can just undo everything with this? hi, here's a car, now forget i screwed your wife. >> no, i'm not saying forget what happened. i'm just saying look at this. ♪ ahh >> i -- >> i can't. it does it automatically. come on, you got to take this car. >> i do not. >> it's a chick magnet. >> i don't want a chick magnet. who still says chick magnet. >> really? no one says chick magnet? >> no. >> i think we're still saying it over here. >> well, you should all stop. >> jimmy: that is "episodes,"
12:39 am
matt leblanc. you know -- i was thinking about this, is, louie ck was here, against whom you may be competing with him for best actor at the emmys. you went to high school together. >> yeah, we did. >> jimmy: did you know each other? >> yeah. he's a great guy. and talk about super talented. how great is his show? >> jimmy: his show is great. very, very funny. >> really good. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i wonder if that's ever happened before, where two actors went to high school together, not one of these fab si -- you went to a real high school, right? >> yeah. yeah. i got a real degree. >> jimmy: you know, half the people that come to the show went to, like, the academy of acting -- >> no, mine was so real, it was like a technical vocational school. >> jimmy: that's even realer. >> yeah, came home with calluses. >> jimmy: isn't that where they send the bad kids, to a vocational technical school?
12:40 am
>> maybe. >> jimmy: and so what did you do? >> i was a carpentry major. junior and senior year. >> jimmy: it's funny, they send the kids sometimes who are a little bit troubled to a school where they learn to do something. >> to cut their finger off. >> jimmy: here, take this dangerous weapon and do something with it. well, congratulations on all your success with the show. again, it's called "episodes." season two of "episodes" premieres a week from sunday, july 1st at 10:30 on showtime. matt leblanc everybody. we'll be right back with selma blair. today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credit cards. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] for too long, people have settled for single miles.
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>> jimmy: well, hello there. still to come, linkin park. you know our next guest from many films, including "cruel intentions," "hellboy" and "legally blonde." now, she faces her greatest challenge yet. working with charlie sheen in the new show "anger management." it premieres on fx tomorrow night at 9:00. please say hello to selma blair. [ cheers and applause ]
12:51 am
>> jimmy: you look fantastic. i can't believe you just had a baby. that's impressive. you must -- what do they call that thing where you run around. exercise? >> no. i don't. i did, i had a baby 11 months ago. i should say it's two weeks ago and people would think it's really fabulous. it don't have time to exercise. i think i've gone twice to exercise. so, things -- >> jimmy: twice? >> look a little shady under the dress. we don't need to go there. >> jimmy: what is his name? >> arthur. arthur saint. i call him saint often. >> jimmy: you do? that could turn out to go the other way. >> see, my mother called me saint as a little kid and -- >> jimmy: why? >> i know. i don't know. no, it was like the nicest thing she ever called me. i thought i would name my child saint. and now i realize, i think it was -- i think it might -- saints suffer a lot. >> jimmy: yeah. saints get set on fire and --
12:52 am
[ laughter ] >> i'm going to break that chain now because it's a really sweet name and he is a little saint. and my mother, i think it was tongue in cheek. she's a tough cheek. >> jimmy: was she excited you chose that name? >> she knows that i'm the -- i'm like the og saint and she knows that. >> jimmy: i got you. >> she sends me letters, the original saint and he's saint jr. she takes credit that that is the nicest thing she's ever done for me. even though she thinks i'm a bedeviler so -- >> jimmy: is she very involved in your parenting? >> no. >> jimmy: she is not? she doesn't try to tell you what to do? >> no, well, she -- she's back in detroit, or plymouth, actually, now, but she doesn't get -- my kid's still in the bed with me. i'm going to get all flak from this on twitter or something, what a horrible person i am. but you know, i -- she doesn't sleep and he gets fevers and my mom says, well, why don't you
12:53 am
just talk to him? i said, mom, what did you do for me. ing what do you mean talk to him? sit him down? >> she had four girls, she had us on 8:45 on a friday morning to be back to work on monday. so, she said that, you know, with all of us, especially me, at six weeks, she said, mommy has to get sleep so, turn the lights off and you go down and you go to bed. and i did. and that's why i'm called saint, i think. >> jimmy: maybe there's something to that. >> i tried it. >> jimmy: he cries and then you have to pick him up? >> i don't pick him up, i like listen why i -- i'm a better mother than that. it's complicated. >> jimmy: yeah. you find yourself -- >> you have kids. did you talk to them, say, it's time to go to bed now. >> jimmy: no, i don't remember, really. my kids are in college. i don't remember exactly what we did, but they were pretty good as i recall. you know what it is? i fall asleep so soundly the house could be on fire and i wouldn't even know.
12:54 am
but after i stopped breastfeeding, really, it was -- [ laughter ] >> yeah, he's -- yeah. >> jimmy: okay, so, mom is not intrucive in your life and that's a good thing. >> no, i mean, she hasn't seen the baby yet. can you imagine? >> jimmy: really? >> no, not at all. she's in -- no, not at all. i don't know how to sugar coat it. i'm outing her on tv now. terrible grandmother. >> jimmy: you should have brought the baby here. >> she doesn't even have a computer, i don't skype -- she gets xeroxes from women at her church. oh, i saw sainty, he's really lovely. a little pixelated, but -- no idea. >> jimmy: has she seen -- >> she doesn't have cable. she loves charlie sheen. >> jimmy: what? why? >> it's crazy. i don't mean that, charlie, she's like, a mom at the church group that is talking to her kids to go to bed.
12:55 am
she prays to charlie sheen, like, to the golds to keep charlie sheen in business. she thanks him for giving me a job. >> jimmy: i see. >> she's grateful. >> jimmy: that makes sense, i guess. and there's been no interaction between them, i guess? >> not that i know of. >> jimmy: well, trick her, tell her she's coming out to see charlie and throw the baby at her when she gets off the plane. not long ago, you tweeted that you sat next to mel brooks on a plane. which is, i assume that was remarkable experience because you tweeted about it. >> yes. i love mel brooks, i mean, everyone does, i guess. first time i left the baby. i went to new york to promote, or, to stand on the red car pelt for a moment for this "anger management" show and i was kind of excited. sad to leave the baby, but i'm going to get on the plane, i'm going to sleep for the first time, ever, since i was pregnant and really looking forward to it as a real vacation to go for 24 hours. and i couldn't because next to
12:56 am
me is mel brooks. and you don't sleep. he has stories to tell. he has a whole lifetime. i didn't get to sleep. i was miserable buzz ovt overjo. we had this great conversation. i'm talking really fast. i'm so excited, i love him so much. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and he's everything he hoped i would be, he pretended to know who i was. he was so wonderful head loves charlie's voice and -- just made me feel great and itasies he's grandfather to arthur saint. i thought, i'm going -- i know his office, he gave me his number. i get to new york and i get a call from mel brooks and he wants to know how i am without the baby, am i doing well and i'm -- >> jimmy: wow. >> i'm like, what a sweet, sweet man. and so, the next morning, i wake up, wait until a proper time. i call him, oh, my god, mel, did i wake you -- and i never -- >> jimmy: that was it? >> i hear his name and i feel
12:57 am
horrible. i ruined his saturday. ill never called him back. because -- i'm the girl that woke someone up. >> jimmy: he doesn't even know you're the one that woke him up. >> he might. he might have put me in his phone. >> jimmy: he doesn't have the caller i.d. >> this is mel brooks. he's on top of things. >> jimmy: okay, all right. i think you can probably call him. >> he won't know who i am. i'm nobody. he probably thought i was selma hayek. >> jimmy: great to see you. congratulations. the show is called "anger management," it premieres tomorrow night at 9:00 on fx. selma blair, everybody. we'll be right back with linkin park. 3q
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